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Thoughts from our student-artist: Diana Espinoza

Tell us about your experience in the AiR program so far.

"My experience in the AiR program this summer has been incredibly rewarding. From meeting student artists coming from a variety of backgrounds/skills and watching their projects come along, to learning about the Hand Lab’s research and completing a piece of my own. I was able to feed off this creative energy to push my own artistic development and learn about the discoveries made in the field of immunology. Being a recent UT grad, I had the opportunity to develop an idea to plant a seed for a science-art community at the university with fellow longhorns, and to be able to pass on an idea while simultaneously having left my college years behind has left me hopeful for what future longhorns could do with the encouragement provided by programs and communities such as the one based in Vanderbilt. I think this summer was definitely more of a group effort for me personally. I’m happy to have worked with the UT Hub and know that there are like-minded people who pursue STEM while also wanting to push the importance of communication and the arts. Most importantly, my experience in this program has encouraged me to make time for a hobby I long felt was not worth pursuing due to studies or busy schedules, for that I cannot be more grateful. "

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