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Thoughts from our student-artists: Tia Daniels

My experience with the AiR program was decent; however, I did not have a chance to

engage with the planned activities due to personal responsibilities. I chose this

program because I was interested in learning about the intersection of art and science,

and how artists are able to bridge the gap between such contrasting industries. I am in

the process of applying to graduate school, and I’ve always wondered how I can

maintain my interest for research while nurturing my hobbies. Graduate school is

time-consuming and difficult to complete, and I want to figure out ways to destress

from my courses/research. I’ve learned a lot from other student artists, and more about

the art industry in general. As someone that’s more “science-oriented” than “art-

oriented”, I initially felt intimidated by the program’s expectations. However, Kendra

was extremely willing to work with me through the entire process, and it made my

experience enjoyable. Would I complete this program again? Yes, but only if I could

dedicate more time to the activities. As I worked with HBCU student-artists, they

motivated me to continue developing my creative abilities and approach art from a

new perspective. Overall, I’m grateful for the experience and this is a wonderful


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