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Thoughts from our student-artists: Syeda Safar

Working with the William & Mary Hub was an unexpected but enjoyable experience within the AiR program. I initially believed that the program would be more individual-focused with students matched to labs one-on-one, however I believe the hub project was a great way to connect with other students with similar art-science interests as me. I got along well with the members of my hub, and having contact with them made it easier to ask and answer questions about project deadlines, required meetings, and other small things. The two initially separate William & Mary Hubs joining forces was a great decision because our ideas worked well with each other, and it would be easier to bring our ideas to life with more members without our separate projects overlapping. Because William & Mary does not have any established art-science organizations on campus, most of my hub members expressed interest in creating our own student organization to continue the work we started with our hub projects, which is something I would love to get involved with. I hope that with the upcoming semester, I can meet up with my Hub members in person and possibly begin the first steps to creating an art-science program on campus.

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