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Meet our student-artist: Mackenzie Lorz

My name is Mackenzie Lorz and I am an upcoming senior at the University of Oregon. I major in Art ad Technology and minor in art history media studies. The lab I was working with was the Rollin-Smith lab and I was asked to create the cover art of frogs/toad species and newts species that show resilience against the Batrachytrium dendrobatid (Bd) which is found in Frogs and Toads and Batrachoytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal) which is found in newts.

During the feedback phase of the project, it was very helpful as I was able to understand what the Rollin-Smith lab wanted in my cover art. The Rollin-Smith lab was very helpful when I was making my cover art and provided me with the information and reference photos I needed when creating the cover art. We had regular meet-ups and check-ins to see what I needed to change. Due to me being an artist, many of the science terms went over my head and I struggled to understand how to pronounce some terms, but the lab was very understanding and helped me through the process. Most of the feedback was positive and gave me good insight into how I can make an art project fun and interesting while also keeping in mind what the client wants out of the project overall was a good experience for me as an artist.

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