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Meet our student-artist: DJ Parman

My name is D.J. Parman and I am excited for the opportunity to participate in the V14 Artist-in-residence program this summer! I am a senior at William & Mary majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Art. During my time at William & Mary, I have been learning Artifact Illustration, and I have been excited for this opportunity to expand my skills of combining science and art.

Throughout the summer, I have communicated with Tyler Huth from the Wan Lab. His research is on Ebola assembly and how Ebola performs apoptotic mimicry. Working with Tyler was great because I could send him updates on the piece at each production stage to get his input and opinion. In the thumbnail stage, we discussed potential issues with the proportion of the proteins in relation to each other (which is particularly important since he was looking for a more scale-accurate diagram to show the proteins' relations to each other). We also discussed the layout of elements and which elements he favored, such as depicting the different budding stages as Ebola forms within a host cell. The final major adjustment we were able to make together was the color pallet, as he wanted something that would be red/green colorblind inclusive so that the image remains accessible. 

 ~ D.J. (they/them)

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