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Art & Design in Science

Hello, this is Darrison and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed both the Art and Design Webinar and sketching meeting today! I learned a lot about Design, as I come from a more art background, and it really helped me to think about art as a whole and in what ways it could be used to help to instill empathy into the scientific community. I also wrote a blog post summary from the meeting, and I thought I would share it, plus the picture I drew from the sketching meeting as well.

- Darrison Haftarczyk, William and Mary

Today during the Art and Design Webinar, after a wonderful introduction by Kendra to her own Art and Design experience, we dove into how Art and Design differ and how they converge.

As a group we brainstormed about what both Art and Design meant to us, creating a large pool of concepts that helped to shed some light into our own personal experiences with the two. As defined by Kendra, Art is the subjective expression of truth, without much concern for how others interpret the work, while Design is the balancing of a product’s function, aesthetic and workings to achieve a specific interest. Something that both Art and Design can bring to the scientific community via the VI4 Artist in Residence Program is empathy and effective communication.

Empathy is the act of relating to other people and Art/Design can help to bridge the gap between the Scientific world and the general community by laying out confusing scientific concepts and jargon in easy-to-understand terms.

Art and Design can also help to create effective communication by being a channel in which both scientists and artists alike can relay information whether it be a new scientific study or simply about the world around them.

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