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The Intersection Between Fashion and Electron Microscopy Imaging


Tia Daniels


AJ Hinton

The Intersection Between Fashion and Electron Microscopy Imaging

Tia Daniels is a rising senior biology major at Tuskegee University. Tia's connection to science began at an early age, and she has continued pursuing research endeavors and internships. Her connection to art also began at an early age through her modeling experience. For this year's project, Tia hopes to bridge the gap between artistic expression and research by creating wearable art pieces, displaying biomedical science research by her assigned lab.

Artist Statement: 

During my time in the 2023 Vi4 AiR, I collaborated with the Hinton Lab led by Dr. Antentor Hinton. His lab studies the insulin-regulated molecular mechanisms that mediate cristae dynamics, molecular transfer between the mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) The morphology of these organelles are altered by diseases and conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. For my project, I read Dr. Hinton's published articles on sample preparation for 2D/3D electron microscopy and assessing mitochondrial morphology in tissue and cultured samples, and the 3D reconstruction of cellular machinery instruments. In research, science communication is fundamental for exchanging ideas and scientific discoveries. Fashion is my own method of communicating my ideas, and emotions. It provides the opportunity to declare a statement and convey a message to onlookers. I decided to combine science communication and fashion, by utilizing an online T-shirt business to screenprint a 3D image of a skeletal muscle captured in Dr. Hinton's lab. The purpose of creating this shirt is to invoke conversations from observers about the design and the meaning behind the research.


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