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STING the brain


Chloe Kim


Kate Fitzgerald

STING the brain

My name is Chloe Kim, and I am a sophomore at Vanderbilt University on the premed track. Art has always been a passion of mine since I was little. I love painting, creating sculptures, doing digital design, and crocheting. However, integrating art into my current life of science courses and research hasn't been easy. The AiR program allowed me to delve into this mysterious intersection of art and science and figure out how to incorporate art into my science interest. I will continue to decipher this relationship and combine my passion for art with science.

Artist Statement: 

Based on the work of the Fitzgerald's lab at UMass Chan Medical School, this cover art represents inflamed microglia as the brain to abstractly convey STING-induced neuroinflammation. I used a combination of Blender and Adobe to create this cover art.


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