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Ereny Morcos


Matt Alexander


My name is Ereny Morcos and I am a senior at Bowdoin College. This will be my third summer participating in the VI4 artist in Resident program and my second year as a mentor for the program. I have always been incredibly drawn to science and art and through this program have started to learn greatly about science communication and ways in which this is integral for the future of scientific discoveries. This summer I will be working with the Alexander lab in creating figures for articles hoping to be published soon. The lab is studying Hypertension and the way in which the immune system in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease. I will also be working on hopefully creating cover art for a project within the lab focused on studying Psoriasis and its effects on both hypertension and increased renal dysfunction. Over the years I have worked with traditional artistic tools and styles including painting and drawing and have started to weave into my work digital platforms to create digital art. My cover art may take on a more artistic and traditional look and I hope through the different digital art platforms I use to create meaningful and accurate figures and representations for the lab to hopefully be published and used in their papers.

Artist Statement: 


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