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Heterogeneity of Mother and Child


Darrison Haftatczyk


Timothy Hand

Heterogeneity of Mother and Child

Art has always been an outlet for me in times of stress and I hope that my works inspire others to use art in a similar manner. I tend to focus on drawings to create art and I have recently begun to dabble in digital art as a way to reach a wider audience. Drawing is not my only medium as I am also a choreographer/dancer who hopes to use dance as a way to bring about social change. Art, in its own way, is a feeling that one cannot put into words and, as I continue to grow as an artist, I hope to further discover what this feeling means to me and help to lead others to their own epiphany.

Artist Statement: 

Partnered with the Hand lab, Darrison worked to create a comic visual abstract that summarized the lab's research to convey that infant microbiomes are shaped by the heterogeneity of maternal IgA antibodies.


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