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Disparities in HIV


Ravyn Payne


CV Dash

Disparities in HIV

I have loved art since I was young, and I have been creating art since I was four years old. Growing up, I fell in love with science and the human psyche but never thought that my two passions could intersect. As my interest in science flourished, art fell to the wayside and became more of a creative and emotional outlet, as I did not think that my passion would be helpful in my future career in the healthcare field. Now, through my participation in the VI4 AiR program, I hope to rekindle my lust for art creation and understand how to use my talents to make science more easily digestible to the general public. With the information I learn through this fantastic program, I want tounderstand how to make important information easily digestible to the community I wish to serve as a public health professional and psychologist.

Artist Statement: 

This work depicts the disparities in HIV prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, as demonstrated by the hands at the bottom. The circles in the middle of the piece represent the HOV capsids, which replicate and integrate into human DNA.


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