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Meet our student-artists: Ayoola Oladimeji

Hi, my name is Ayoola Oladimeji. I’m a sophomore at William and Mary. I’m majoring in psychology and minoring in biochemistry. Originally from New York, I moved to South Carolina when I was one. One thing about me is that I love books. I read whenever I get a chance. A book that I love is the Bible. God and family are first in my life. I have been involved in church since I was very small. One year, we went to Corinth, a city in Greece that was a real place in the Bible. Corinth was fun, but one of my favorite trips was the one to Tuscany, Italy. Because of its beautiful scenery, Tuscany was a great place to visit.

My family and I travel a lot. On every flight, I watch movies. My favorite movies are Pitch Perfect 1,2, and 3. Fat Amy was my favorite character because she was funny and unapologetically ridiculous. I could re-watch the movie anytime and one movie that I would like to see is King Richard. King Richard is about Serena and Venus Williams' dad. It is rare to see a movie completely focused on tennis. I want to see it because I love the sport and Venus and Serena were my inspiration. I grew up watching them and started playing when I was seven. I also come from an athletic family. My brother is a great swimmer and my younger sister is a star basketball and volleyball player. Not only do I love playing sports, I love watching sports as well. My favorite sports channel is ESPN because I love to watch the NBA. My favorite player is Lebron James, but I also cheer for Montrez Harrell. I enjoy watching the premier league in soccer. My favorite team in the league is Arsenal. I love watching Saka, a fellow Nigerian. Although I love Nigerian music and culture, I love trying different things. I love learning about different cultures as well.

Another big part of my life is that I love to volunteer. I began volunteering at the Charleston VA when I was fifteen. And, It was life-changing. My experience led me to decide that I love to be in a hospital setting. Everyone has their roles in their community, and I figured becoming a doctor was mine. It still is, more than ever. As for my future, I plan to graduate college early to jumpstart my career. But before I do, I plan to study abroad in Italy or Spain. I would like to study in Spain because I am bilingual in Spanish and English. In addition to Spanish, I speak a little Italian. However since I do have Venezuelan roots, I may go to Spain to experience that culture.

As for my proposal, I have been working with a lot with my sister, Anu, who is also very interested in science and art and we plan to create cover art to warn people of high salt intake. We think more people should see how dangerous it is. We’ve been reading research papers from Dr.Kirabo to fully grasp its impact, especially on marginalized communities and plan to make the best art that we can. Our audience is the general public because salt is in everyone’s daily lives. However in large amounts, it can be extremely harmful. The tool that we shared was Flip, a mobile app.

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