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Developing ideas

Last week marked the beginning of an exciting collaboration as artists were paired with participating scientific labs and embarked on their independent projects. By conversing with lab members, artists will gain insight into the ongoing research and visual requirements to communicate scientific concepts effectively. This information is crucial in creating artwork that best captures and conveys these scientific ideas.

Following their introduction to scientific labs, the hubs started brainstorming to define how their individual projects would work with their hub-based goals. The aim is to bring together a collection of individual art pieces under a cohesive narrative, forming a unified theme that strengthens the impact of science-art at their respective home institutions. Although the hubs are still generating ideas, several exciting concepts have emerged. For instance, Chloe Kim in the Vanderbilt hub discussed the potential of using science-art for middle and high-school education, while the University of Texas Austin hub is considering establishing their own Science-art program there using their own experiences.

We are excited to see individual projects and hub ideas begin developing and evolving!

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