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VI4 AiR Summer 2023

We are gearing up for another incredible VI4 AiR Summer experience.

Learn more about this summer's program below!


The Artist-in-Residence program allows artists and scientists to explore innovative means of visual scientific communication. Our residency is an artistic collaboration with a research group, exclusively through remote interactions. Artists will create artwork or other research projects related to the laboratories. Ideally, art will be included in manuscripts, submitted as cover art, and used to promote the laboratory on websites, social media, and other public-facing platforms. But ultimately, these experiences in transdisciplinary collaboration may benefit both student-artists and scientists. 


In addition to the laboratories promoting the artists’ work, these collaborations may also be featured at VI4 events (e.g., MEGAMicrobe, VI4 Annual Symposium) and other exhibitions sponsored by BWF, ArtLab, VU, and VUMC. Final pieces must be completed by the end of the 10-week program, which will run from June 6th through August 11th, 2023.

This year, we are focused on creating HUBS across the country, developed and curated by our student-artists. 


Program Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Foster Creativity and Visual Science Communication Development

  • Provide a supportive and inspiring environment for participants to explore their creativity and develop their visual science communication skills

  • Encourage experimentation and risk-taking in artistic practices to push boundaries and discover new forms of expression.

  • Facilitate collaborations and encourage artists to explore new science and artistic approaches. 


Goal 2: Promote Cross-institutional and Transdisciplinary Exchange and Collaboration

  • Create opportunities for artists to share experiences and collaborate on creative projects.

  • Encourage dialogue and understanding among student artists and scientists 

  • Support the formation of HUBS that provides a network and collaborations that extend beyond the duration of the program.

Goal 3: Engage with the Community and Audience

  • Organize virtual exhibitions, artist talks, and other opportunities to engage with the broader community and art enthusiasts.

  • Encourage artists to share their creative processes, inspirations, and artistic philosophies with the audience.

  • Facilitate meaningful interactions between all participants in the VI4 AiR Program during the summer exhibition. 

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AiR 2023

AiR 2023

AiR 2023
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From this experience, unique artwork will be created based explicitly on each laboratory's research area. This artwork can be: included in a poster or other printed material, used in presentations at conferences and speaking events, added to any multimedia and videos, sent to your local press office to spotlight your work, emailed to your colleagues and peers, or shared on social media, and make your website more visual. The use of this image should be discussed with the artist and agreed upon. Students are provided a stipend to help cover time and supply costs. We can't guarantee funds if additional funds are needed, but please get in touch with  


When agreeing to participate in this experience, you and your lab members will:

  • Meet with the artist via video conference at least three times

  • Clearly describe the intended purpose and utilization of the art

  • Help the artist learn the concepts that the artwork will cover

  • Give helpful feedback on the artwork

  • Use the art for its intended purpose

  • Help to promote the artist's work

  • Foster the creative, intellectual, and professional growth of the artist 


From this experience, the artist can interact with a research laboratory, and VI4, ArtLab, and the individual laboratory will promote their work. This is an opportunity for the artist to gain experience working with medical and science researchers to create artwork.


The artist will be required to:


  • Work with their Hub to collectively exhibit work

  • Meet with faculty members to discuss questions

  • Produce at least one piece of final artwork

  • Briefly describe any artwork produced and discuss their artistic process while creating the work.

  • Develop several sketches or concept drawings early in the program

  • Test and implement your visual product through constructive feedback and iteration

  • Engage professionally with all laboratory personnel

  • Discuss the process laboratory's interests with other students

  • Positively represent the laboratory’s research

  • Be a collaborative member of the laboratory and the Hub