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T-Cell Torrent


Ardria McDonald


Mary Philip

T-Cell Torrent

I always held an interest in art, but as a kid, I thought it was just a hobby. As I got older and continued through school, I realized that art served as a useful outlet for helping me grasp concepts and lessons I used to think were difficult, especially in my science classes. Now I have gained the understanding that I'm a hands-on learner, where I can incorporate science and art to make complicated subjects more digestible not just for myself, but for others since art is universal. With my interest in medicine, biology, and art, I want to make learning about science accessible for all.

Artist Statement: 

T-cells begin to descend on a tumor to eradicate it. When T-cells begin to lose their function, they are not able to recognize tumors as abnormalities, leaving them to spread. Here, however, they are shown centering in on a tumor, displaying that they are functioning properly as they begin to take care of business.


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