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Casual Problems in The Life of A Lab Salamander


Anjali Kumari


Louise Rollins-Smith

Casual Problems in The Life of A Lab Salamander

Growing up, I always had a passion for art and its ability to communicate complex ideas. As a result, Leonardo Da Vinci's accumulated genius in anatomy and art has always been great inspiration for me. With Leonardo as my role model, I plan to direct my appetite for knowledge and creativity to revolutionize the state of interdisciplinary approaches ultimately leading to novel cancer treatments.

I chose this program for its interdisciplinary aspects which enabled me to combine my passion for both, art and research, into one project. I deem this experience as a crucial refinement of my skills while understanding the significance of visual communication to convey complex scientific advancements.

My participation not only led to an artistic creation, but it also afforded me the opportunity to explore new illustration techniques, understand complex research topics, communicate current events, and experiment with mediums that are outside of her comfort zone.

Through this program, I understood the importance of visual communication and discovered techniques to present data to a broader audience. Most importantly, I learned that every skill matters and gained the confidence that the diversity of my skills can be applied to projects to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and make research more accessible. With this new found purpose for my skills, I am excited to continue and promote such approaches to a broader audience by producing inspiring art.

Artist Statement: 

This image describes the ongoing project in Dr. Rollins Lab where they are looking at the impacts of re-exposure to fungus on newts.


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